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Madness of Flames
The sheer stains of madness overwhelmed me. It was thick as blood in a chlorine filled pool, taking away what protected me and suddenly drove itself deeper as it spread.
Spreading like wildfire, it seemed like it wanted to put my fire out with gasoline.
It feels like, forever since I felt the burning. The flames of hell purging inside my mind like a knife that goes as deep as it can in the human flesh.
The digging of my own damned nails in my head to scratch and tear away the pain that unleashes the blood that dares lie in my body, won't fend off and purify the insanity that eternally stay.
My own strong embrace that seems to never leave myself from the frozen, chilling world that lives inside my head, seems to only make me realize that I truly am alone in reality and nightmare.
I only live to be cursed for God's entertainment, and for the Devil's pleasure. To live between Heaven and Hell on Earth, to sit in this tiny room and think,
"What did I do to deserve this?".
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Red: More Human Than God by TheGarbear98 Red: More Human Than God :iconthegarbear98:TheGarbear98 0 4
Merry Christmas King of Sorrow
It's strange.
It feels like, forever like the sun's age since we known each other this long now, and how much I mean to him more then anything in the whole world.
It's a miracle to him, as if I was an angel to visit him, to give him forgiveness. The day he laid eyes on me that very Christmas Eve, the cold was more harsh then the devil's heart. If I didn't walk past that dark, hideous alley that day, he would have been left behind in Heaven's line to vanish from the world, and probably not be known to the world as he never was. Well, he was actually. Twice. He was the King of Sorrow. A good friend I know saved him and gave him the beauty of death to relive a new life. After that, awhile back he screwed up. Very badly. It was before we met, and it's a bit of a long story, but that's not the point as of now. Today is Christmas Eve, and he's waiting for me at home.
The air is freezing to the brim of madness that would drive any sane man to his edge. The wind blows me back like a road ragin
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The Velvet Room Conclusion
I continued on to this dark hallway. The piano played beautifully through the air. I remember a few people played music by the alley I lived in, playing guitar and even a portable piano which I enjoyed the most. I never asked for lessons because I didn't have any money, and even if the lessons for free, I felt the need to give them something. Anything really, but I would only want was to be in a home with someone.
As I saw two double velvet doors, I opened one and saw a large stage, with seats everywhere around me and I saw the player of the music. It was a very attractive young woman, playing peacefully to herself. Her hair was white as cold snow, and her skin was a little pale but nothing that was considered unhealthy of course. She was wearing a black, long dress that went down to her knees and wore black high heels. I smiled softly and applauded softly to her music.
She looked and smiled softly at me. She then spoke with a sound of a rich, young soft voice.
"Thank you. Come."
She w
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Mature content
My Aphrodite :iconthegarbear98:TheGarbear98 0 4
Six Days Of Destruction Styles by TheGarbear98 Six Days Of Destruction Styles :iconthegarbear98:TheGarbear98 1 1 Six Days of Destruction Big Text by TheGarbear98 Six Days of Destruction Big Text :iconthegarbear98:TheGarbear98 0 4 Psyopus style titles by TheGarbear98 Psyopus style titles :iconthegarbear98:TheGarbear98 0 0 My Favorite Death Metal Bands by TheGarbear98 My Favorite Death Metal Bands :iconthegarbear98:TheGarbear98 0 0
The Possible One
Sublime, charming young girl.
How you seem so fragile, truth be told.
Your helpless but strong in the heart that is golden as your love is worth.
Diamonds and the stars above cannot give what you deserve and what I would give.
What you always owned however is something you forever inspire and prosper to everyone and I.
Your flowing, delicate hair that sings with the wind.
Your hungry but careful eyes that gaze for someone to hold you tight.
The smile you live and display for the world that is an eternal happiness.
Your flushed, perky cheeks that bloom like red roses when your excited.
A future in dream, if ever, of us to be held forever intertwine and protected in one.
A dream I would dream, and a dream I want to dream for the rest of my life.
I'll always dream in miracles, and your always the one miracle that entered my heart.
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The Feeling
I never had this slip out of my soul.
Its like a disease, one to cure instead of infest.
I always had a feeling of something, maybe someone to watch over me.
Past the letters sent and the miracles asked, I may have not gotten what I want.
But should I want? Must I want? Can I want?
Will I be punished for wanting instead of questioning?
Maybe even wanting to know?
I may never know, nor anyone else.
I'm only a spec compared to the stars and sky above my head.
There's a good chance that feeling is up there too.
I could never be in denial for believing.
I can't even deny this existence that may or may not exist.
Am I to question any longer? Should I?
What about the cancer? The peaceful, lifeless Mother that laid before me and my own born eyes.
I was struck to see her.
I felt like a bullet flew through my spine, destroying every piece of what the bones would make a puzzle of my body to fit.
While then my heart aching from blood loss of that one shot that made me realize that feeling again.
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Mature content
SAC :iconthegarbear98:TheGarbear98 0 0
She, or all of them, can they see how I feel?
Does my beating heart ever be still?
How much pain of every beat must my life withstand till my heart bleeds?
Can she hear my screams of her name?
Their names?
All of them?
The withering feelings of their eyes.
I love them so much I hate to even stare.
But I'm chained between the lines of going insane and turning away.
Fresh lips of a soft kiss, deep touches of the tongue.
Hard moans that sing love to my ears.
Have I lost my mind? For her? For they?
Who is to be mine? My Valentine? My love?
Must I choose one?
Who is an Angel? Who is a demon?
Confusion. Insanity. Curiosity.
Born with feelings we have. Born with choices and thoughts.
My eyes must they close for a second, she is there. They are all there.
They all want a piece of me and who I am.
They want it all, and I'll be left with nothing.
Not even I will be left for anybody, not even me.
My mind spins and cracks the quick and simple choices.
I am who I am, but who is the one I'll never h
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Mature content
Crippled Fingers of a Writer :iconthegarbear98:TheGarbear98 1 0
The King Who Wore No Crown
Ignorance is bliss in your veins that run the blood of rage through you.
Depression, like mental cancer in your brain, hijacks the true meaning of who you are.
May the smoke that you breath in and release out through your lips, be your faith?
How could your lungs resist such torture of poison when the pain in parts of your body blocks your responsibility and unleashes arrogance and fear?
How can you live through a day without letting out your inner demons when you lived with them and fed them each and every moment in your past?
Can you, as a King of this land, even rule what you cannot even control?
Mighty Kings must look the part, even sound the part.
For you, no crown proves much of how much of a king you are, and blissful, meaningful arrogance and furious feelings fill your speech and thoughts like a poem being written by full heart and thought instead of inspiration.
Who ever did inspire someone like you to walk with the demons? To feel angry for no reason? Or are you really just a
:iconthegarbear98:TheGarbear98 2 0
Mature content
The King of Sorrow :iconthegarbear98:TheGarbear98 2 2


Princess of the Night - Flutterbat by emilySculpts Princess of the Night - Flutterbat :iconemilysculpts:emilySculpts 1,823 0 Beetlejuice Comic Part 1 Cover by miyabiikari Beetlejuice Comic Part 1 Cover :iconmiyabiikari:miyabiikari 133 8
Over My head - FFM Day 1
I realized I was in over my head when the gun in my hand fired. I thought I had been careful with my choices, I thought I knew was I was doing, but when I saw the body in front of me drop to the ground, I knew it was too late.
Instead of thinking about what I was supposed to do, I let instincts take over. I dropped the gun and took off running. I faintly heard other feet follow me in pursuit, but I ignored them and kept going. I knew this city better than they did; it would only take me two minutes to disappear.
I took a sharp turn, disappearing from their sight, and then quickly took another, entering an alley forgotten by the rest of the world. The alley was narrow, but also short, and at the other end of it was my goal—a dumpster. If my timing was right, my followers would be just now making that first turn, so I had to hurry so that they wouldn’t see me hide away.
I didn’t turn around to watch for them, I just leapt into the dumpster and dove away from the surface
:iconev13il:eV13il 3 21
Hopeless Dreamer by xXxDarkSunsetxXx Hopeless Dreamer :iconxxxdarksunsetxxx:xXxDarkSunsetxXx 394 22 Animal Crossing-Evening at the Coffee House by Kitchiki Animal Crossing-Evening at the Coffee House :iconkitchiki:Kitchiki 603 29 APH: Repetition of Hatred by xiaoyugaara
Mature content
APH: Repetition of Hatred :iconxiaoyugaara:xiaoyugaara 1,917 223
Cry: Birthday by Kiwa007 Cry: Birthday :iconkiwa007:Kiwa007 3,752 287 Creepypasta Sticker Set by Dethkira Creepypasta Sticker Set :icondethkira:Dethkira 3,041 1,115 the end by zlack3r the end :iconzlack3r:zlack3r 857 206 Silent ponyville 3 cover art by joelashimself Silent ponyville 3 cover art :iconjoelashimself:joelashimself 190 26
To Come
I have seen the future, and I’m not impressed. A strange gift I have, but a gift nonetheless. I’m a seer, a looker of the beyond. I know what can be done, what will be done, and what has yet to be decided.
And currently, things are looking bleak.
In the future I do not see a sky. I see a black blanket suffocating the land. No light, no stars. Just the endless, eternal, enduring darkness.
In the future I do not see land. I see ashes instead. Ashes everywhere and on everything. In some places they rain down like snow. Others they just rest in mountains. But no matter where you look, there is no soil. No life.
In the future I do not see an ocean. Waves that used to rush onto the land, cascading upon one another; are now nonexistent. In their place is stillness. Silence. And the water itself is no longer water at all. But black, slimy muck instead.
The land is rotting away.
I have seen the future, and I am displeased. I am saddened. I am hurt. And I don’t know what I can
:iconev13il:eV13il 9 13
Bliss by Pure-Resonance Bliss :iconpure-resonance:Pure-Resonance 34 14 Klonoa VS Klonoa by Hyrika Klonoa VS Klonoa :iconhyrika:Hyrika 368 120 At the Galloping Gala (Humanized) by GreyRadian At the Galloping Gala (Humanized) :icongreyradian:GreyRadian 7,139 774 Derpy Hooves Graffiti by ShinodaGE Derpy Hooves Graffiti :iconshinodage:ShinodaGE 290 61 Graffiti My little pony by ShinodaGE Graffiti My little pony :iconshinodage:ShinodaGE 1,422 234

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Well I been out of school for about maybe 2 weeks I wanna say? Well I'm already decided what I wanna do, of course and that is to be a computer tech, but the community college will hopefully get me ready or else I'm going for a tech school. Either way, I want to get my education so I can be wealthy enough to be happy. I want things to work out, even for my friends.

Also, this summer I'll be asking my friend Mia out now. I been in love with her for some time since one of our great dates and we have had no arguments or issues or complaints. Everything has come full circle as something beautiful and unique. Like us. So I'm going to get her something very nice as a love gift and a commitment to date and be a couple.

So yeah, that's rly it.


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Hello to all! My name's Garrett, or you can call me by my nickname Garbear, My second chosen name Hunter, or my other nickname known as Red. I make poetry or at least try to make Photography with myself. I never tried making Photography of some stuff but I'll try it someday, but idk when. If you want to learn more about me, just message me and talk to me.



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